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    360° Swing Electric Fan Heater, Hand Warmer ▼
        PN:Blazing F9
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* Material: ABS+PBT+ hardware electronic components.

* Working voltage: 220V.

* Power: 500W.

* Product size: 128x100x190mm.

* Executive standard: GB 4706.1-2005, GB4706.23-2007.

* Color: yellow / blue / pink.

Product introduction: 

PTC heating element, hot when it is turned on, it is safe and reliable when it is turned on and off. It is safe and reliable. It can be used to shake the head from side to side and swing up and down. It is easy to use.


* Size of box: 
133x108x212 mm

* G.W Weight with box: 0.63kg

* Export Carton: 36pcs/ctn

* Carton Size(LxWxH): 

* N.W Weight: 21.5kg

* G.W Weight: 23.5kg